Friday, April 24, 2009

The Domestic Goddess Files: More Creative Tips For You And Your Family

Hello Ladies~
Top Of The Morning To You!
I have some more Tips & Tricks to share with you this Morning. Unfortunately I had a whole slew of real cute Vintage Housewifey type photos to go with them but after I posted this one I couldn't get any more to post. Oh well. At least there is one. I guess that means I will have more for another post at another time. :)
So, I will just jump right in to the good stuff..
~First, empty all of the contents of your purse, to separate the groups of items, and put away or throw away anything that shouldn't be there. I like to do this over a plastic grocery bag, so that I just dump all of the contents, and then remove what isn't trash. It makes it easier, and all of the usual bits that I would have to pick up later are already then taken care of.
~Then separate all of the items that go back into your purse into groups. Some ideas for groupings to get you started are:
~Wallet: money, id & credit cards, checkbook, coupons, etc.
~Personal Planner: notebook, to do list, address book, calender, etc.
~Food Items: medicines, mints, gums, candies, etc.
~Writing Utensils: pens, pencils, note pad, stamps, envelopes, etc.
~Cosmetics: make-up, lipstick, gloss, etc.
~Manicure Stuff: nail file, clippers, polish, etc.
~Hair Stuff: hair brush, comb, sprays, clips, rubber bands, pins, etc.
~First Aid: band-aids, ointment, sun block, etc.
~Now, we don't usually want to keep ALL of these things in our purse ALL the time. But, once we put in in there, our purse becomes a black hole and we forget to take it out. Then, once we have so much stuff in there we can't find what we need.
~The trick is to use little make-up bags or zippered pouches to divide and contain everything. Then, it becomes a matter of grab and go. If I need to do my nails, I know that everything I need is in one little bag. Same with make-up, or food items. Then I am not digging through my lipsticks to find my coins at the bottom of my purse.
~Another great item to have in your purse, is one of those organizers that wraps around the inside of your purse. They have all kinds of little pockets, and it keeps the center of the purse free for larger items.
~I happen to keep my magazines for later reference; but I know that most people don't. Many magazines, like fashion, current events, sports, and the like; are only meant to be read once. In that case, sometimes it is easier to go through your magazine and tear out any articles you would like to read, or recipes to try. Then, you can either keep these in a folder to read when you have time, or you can file punch holes and file them into separate binders for later reference. This cuts down on the amount of magazines that you have to store, and helps you to find and read the articles that you are interested.
~Keep a binder , a file, or a plastic pouch section in your Home Binder, for appliance warranties and instructions. You can also punch holes in large Ziplock bags, to keep these items in. Each time you get a new appliance, put away the instructions in this same spot. Then, when something breaks, or your husband asks you where those warranties or whatnot are, you will easily be able to locate them.
~When you get a new reference book, (such as a cookbook, or a gardening manual), attach an envelope or pocket to the inside of the back cover. This is for any loose notes or other related information. That way you can keep it all together with the book.
~If your wall calender does no already have one, attach a large envelope or pocket to the bottom of the last page, (usually the cardboard backing). Now, whenever you get an invitation, jot down the date on your calender and file the invite into the pocket. This makes it easy to look for the phone number or directions. This is also good for upcoming events, such as for school or sports, or even for doctors appointment cards and the like.
~Create a "Tickler File". This can be done in many ways. You can use one folder for everything, and just keep it in the order that the things need to be done in. Another way is to use 12 folders, one for each month. As things come in, put them in their prospective places. As one month ends, empty the contents, and either file what you don't need anymore; or put the leftovers into the coming month's folder. Then, put the older month's folder into the back of the stack. You can organize up to a years items in this way.
~Having more than one phone is a convenience, but can also be a frustration. Make sure that by each phone you keep a list of important numbers, a pad and a pen, and anything else you commonly need at each phone.
~If you conduct a lot of business by mail, and order or ship things, keep a separate wall calender strictly for this purpose. Each time you place or send an order, mark it onto the calender, (send date and receive date). That way, if something is late, or doesn't arrive, you will have all of the info in one spot.
~Keep a running list taped to the inside of a cabinet to record loaned and borrowed items, AND remember who you lent it to, and when.
Okay Ladies, that's it for today. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday, and a great
weekend. I know I am looking forward to it after a long, busy week! Take Care.

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