Friday, October 23, 2009

Fly Over to Mrs. B's For Giveaway Fun!

Quick Giveaway Post to let you all in on the fun going on over at Mrs. B's. Head over there to throw your name in the hat to win:
~An Altered Wooden Spoon from Cauldron Craft Miniatures
~A Skele-Spider Hair Flower from Jammerz Designs
~A Knitty Kitty from Thalia Took
So join in on the fun! Good Luck!
~Danae <(:o) aka 'Crafty'
~Guess what guys? I won Mrs. B's Giveaway today!
I will be recieving a Skele-Spider Hair Flower from Jamie @Jammerz Designs!!! I just love Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Today's Give Away Fun

The fun doesn't stop over at Mrs. B's Confessions of a Pagan Socer Mom. Here is a list of what you will find there today.
~A Pendant featuring The Eternal Embrace from Agony's Decay Creepy Crafts
~a set of felt Runes from The Caricoa Witch
~a pair of Spider & Hematite Earrings from The Gypsy Eye Studio
And don't forget to check out the Guest Blog post, Mrs. B Get's Crafty, The Haunted Blog Tour Host (with more GiveAways to be found!) and also Mrs' B's newest article over at the! Plenty of good stuff to keep you busy.
Have a Spooktacular Day!
~Danae <(:o) aka 'Crafty'

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some 'Don't Miss' Halloween Blog Fun!

Today is a DO NOT MISS DAY on Blogger! There are some AMAZING Blog Parties/Hops & Giveaways going on today all over the Blogosphere!
* must stop in to Mrs. B's for your daily dose of October fun. Here is a rundown of the goodies:
~a set of porcelain clay Runes from
Marie Segal
~a batch of handmade Saffron Insence from
~Wintra the Witch of Warren Hall Wall Hanging from
Michele with A Single L Designs
~a Halloween Neckalace from
Shadow of The Goddess Designs
~an amazing Bag Of Goodies from Salem, given by Jaz of October Farm
Then, be sure to read the Guest Blog Post, and Mrs. B's Halloween Craft Post. Then hurry on over to today's
Haunted Blog Hop Stop!
But...the fun is not over! No! It has just begun! Don your purtiest pair of stiped stockings, and your pointiest pair of Witchy shoes...Hop on your broomstick and fly on over to Miss Vannessa's Blog- A Fanciful Twist- for her 2009 Halloween Blog Party! It is an event you surely will not want to miss!
There you will find the fete of your wildest imagination (trust me...I was there!)- and afterwards you will find the links to an ever growing assortment of fantastic places to hop on to! With Tricks, and Treats & Giveaways galore! It will take you all weekend and maybe next week to cover the all! (This is why I suggest going to Mrs. B's 1st! Otherwise you may not make it back before the 'whenever-we-get-home' prize drawing deadline! LOL)
Then...if you are not 'all-blogged-out' can stop by Domestic Witch's October Blog Party for more fun links.
And don't forget the fun on Smeared & Smudged this month as well.
There are many, many more wonderful bloggy fun places to visit...but as I am already late for my own fun...I must be off! Have a Spooktacular Day today! Bwa ha ha ha haaa!
~Danae <(:o) aka 'Crafty'

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sharing Mrs. B's Giveaway & Some More Vintage Halloween Images

Hey Guys, Good Morning! I am sitting here enjoying our first Autumn rain- which is quickly becoming a downpour. I am all cozy, drinking a cup of Pumpkin Chai, curled up with my kitties.

I have some happy news to share with you all! In the past week I have won two awesome Hallloween Giveaway Prizes! YAY! (I have never won anything in the Blogworld untill now.)

My first lucky prize was to win Artful Alice- an adorable little polymer Witch from Mrs. B's 31 Days Of Halloween Giveaway. She is absolutely perfect for me, because she has red hair- and I have my own little red-headed daughter who is a Witch-In-Training!

And then yesterday I discovered that I won The Tome Of Ill Wonder from GrimVisions Ghastly 2009 Halloween Giveaway. Woohoo! This is cool for me on two levels...The first is because of me being stuck at home healing from my broken knee, I have not been able pick up any new Halloween Goodies for my house this year. (Also, due to the injury, moneys been a little tight.) So winning these prizes is a happy surprise!


The second reason this is a neat prize for me- is that I have been trying to add some creepier type decorations to my collecton. Up untill now, my Halloween Decor has been mostly on the happy & cute side. Now that my kids are getting a bit older- I am finally able to add some decorations on the ghoulish side. This handmade peice of Creep Art comes from GrimVisions- a master of Haunting Halloween Horror!

The Tome Of Ill Wonder is a spooky old book with a ghastly grin. When you open up the book, you find a skull. So cool! I just cannot wait to see it in person.

I also wanted to share with you all the awesome prizes being given away today at
Mrs. B's- so hop on over & check them out! There are 5 prizes today, and several chances to win each one. There will be new pirizes and guest bloggers every day until Halloween!
~Another chance to win a set of Emily Balivet prints
~A vial of Black Witches Salt from The Whimsical Witch
~A necklace & pendant from My Pretty Zombie
~A choice of one of three cards from Spirit Helpers
~Your choice of 8x10 art print from Custom Zombie
Be sure to check out Mrs. B's Haunted Blog our as well as her new article at the!
The last little thing to share with you today is some Vintage Halloween Images for your personal use. The top image is an early 194o's cover from Film Magazine. And this second image is a circa 1940's Post Card image that comes from Scandinavia.
~Enjoy your day!
~Danae <(:o)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Vintage Halloween Images For You

Hello Everyone! I have some lovely Vintage Hallween Post Card Images to share with you all today. I LOVE Halloween- and I LOVE Vintage Art- so I spend a good deal of ime throughout the year hunting down coyright free images to use on my Blogs, and in my arts & crafts. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have.
These images are early twentieth century, prior to 1920. (The top and bottom images were circa 1910 I think.)
At that time Halloween was primarily an adult holiday, and decorations and party favors were made for their use, and subsequent disposal. (Whereas Christmas decorations of the day were intende to be saved and reused throughout the years.)
It wasn't untill after WWII, and the Baby Boom after the war, that Halloween became a children's holiday. Over time, Halloween decor became increasingly cuter, and less spooky. Many times you can discern the age of a peice by the clothing style and expressions on the characters faces. Because of the disposable nature of the older products, to find them these days, and in good condition, is a valuable find.
Unfortunately for me, I haven't been able to start my 'real life' Vintage Halloween collection; so I satisfy my Vintage Halloween jones wth newer vintage inspired peices, my own art, and my online Vintage Photo addiction!
Hey... at least it keeps the costs down! LOL.
If any of you all are interested in seeing how I decorated my tiny little Living Room- I did a post this weekend over at my other blog, Crafty's Cup. You can find it here.

And be sure to go back and check the other late September & early October posts for all kinds of Hallween inspiration. There are Arts & Crafts, Home Decor projects and idea, recipes and plenty of other Halloween goodies! You will find them all at Crafty's Cuppa Coffee. (Please excuse all of the 'Giveaway' posts lately- there have been a ton of awesome contests & of course you get extra entries if you blog & tweet about them.)

Have a fabulous day!
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