Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Madness ~ Welcome To My World...

*Just a little Hello! from Crafty, to start your week off right!*
And just to let you all know that you are not the only ones with lives that sometimes suck...
Right now, I am busy getting ready to go fight a Red Light ticket in Traffic Court - FOR A LIGHT THAT I STOPPED AT!!! Woohoo! (Thank goodness that there is a photo to show that I stopped! One good thing.) And, as if that doesn't suck bad enough on its own...
They want me to pay a whopping $436 BEFORE I can go to fight the ticket! WHAWHAT?!(Probably so UncleSam can make a little interest off of my money, while I wait 6 months for the refund...AFTER I win the case. Government!)
So, would you all please say a quick prayer, (if you do that sort of thing); or just send some good energy my way, to help me along with this today. I appreciate the extra thougts and well wishes. Cause BOY DOES THIS SUCK!!! I haven't had a ticket or accident in over 10 years now. I sure don't want to start with this one. $436...I know people who have paid less than that for a DUI! What the ---- is THAT all about ?!#*?! Tell me on what planet that makes sense!
All right. Ciao Ya'll. Sorry if I pissed in your corn flakes! I truly do hope that all of you have a better Monday morning than I am about to have! By the way...Does anyone have like $436 that I can borrow? (Just Kidding!LOL!) Take care all.
Written by: One very stressed out & pissed of Retro Mama named Danae* :)
~UPDATE~10/09: Well, this week I FINALLY had my 'day in court'. After all of these months of going in for the 'next step' of the process; on Tuesday I was able to go into court, reveiw the video & plead Not Guilty.
Apparently- I did stop, but the cop did not feel it was for long enough. Oh well.
I did ask for community service in leiu of the fine- but would you beleive it is 58 hours of comm. service? WOWSERS! (Maybe I should have just come up with the money? LOL.) So, that is that- and now I can put this nonsense behind me. Thanks to those of you that left me kind emails & comments, and wished me well. I appreciate your friendship and thoughts. ~Danae :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Little Retro Photo Humor For Your Veiwing Enjoyment ! & A Note To My Readers...

Hey There Blog Buddies & Retro Fantasy Fans~

I wanted to take a moment to send out a BIG THANK YOU! to all of you lovely people who took the time yesterday to send me such sweet comments about my new avatar photo. I think between the response from here and over at Crafty's Cup; I had a record day of comments. And all were fabulous and encouraging. THANKS GUYS!

On another note...I have a bit of news to share with you all.

Recently I have decided to pursue my Degree Program for my chosen spiritual path.

This is a momentous occasion for me, for many reasons. I have been wanting to take this step for many years now, and have not had the time or the money to invest in such a huge undertaking. After a long search for the right school and course program; I was thrilled to find the perfect venue for me to do just that.

The other wonderfully synchronistic aspect of this step is that my classes begin 15 years TO THE DAY! from the day that I had made my very first Formal Dedication to this path. May 1st 1994. Beltaine/May Day. How awesome is that!

Now, I did hesitate on mentioning anything about this on my blogs because I happen to be a bit of a procrastinator, and was worried about talking about something that I may not finish. Not to mention that the full program, (all 3 Degrees) that I would like to complete; takes a few years. So...that is a big chunk of uncertain territory that I will be taking one step at a time!

The main reason that I am mentioning this at all; is because all of the extra course work, projects and assingments, are going to mean that I have a lot less time to devote to my blogging. (And how I LOVES my blogging!) :)

But, please do not fear...I will still be posting, just on a less frequent basis. I hope that all of you will continue to check back in and follow me on this nw leg of my journey. It should provide some interesting fodder for blogging; as I have not been a student in oh...about 16 or so years! (Except for my time at Massage School, and that was 12 years ago! )

Also, remember that you can always subscribe to C.C. Retro Fantasy, (and all of your other favorite blogs) on an RSS Feed or through your Google Reader. This will automatically update you on any new posts as they come out. I LOVE my Google Reader!!! It makes it so easy to catch up on all of the blogs that I like to follow. It is like a cyber-magazine subscription delivered to my computer. I don't know how I would follow all of you guys' great blogs without it!

Okay Folks, have a great weekend, and wish me luck on this new leg of my journey!

***Posted by one very nervous & super excited Crafty Chick!***

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Crafty Chick Update~ A New Avatar Photo

I wanted to put out quick post letting you all know that I am changing my Avatar Photo.
When started my blogs back in March, I didn't have any decent photos of myself to use. So, I used one of a favorite Retro Model of mine. But, I really didn't feel comfortable using that it is not me. {I only WISH i was that pretty!}
I have been messing around a bit, trying to get a photo that I would like to use to represent me...and for now, I think i have one. {Who knows, it could change again!}
* it is.{And it looks much better smaller!} If any of you notice it around the Blogosphere, it is still me. Danae The Crafty Chick. Just a new photo, that's all!

The Domestic Goddess Files: More Creative Tips For You And Your Family

Hello Ladies~
Top Of The Morning To You!
I have some more Tips & Tricks to share with you this Morning. Unfortunately I had a whole slew of real cute Vintage Housewifey type photos to go with them but after I posted this one I couldn't get any more to post. Oh well. At least there is one. I guess that means I will have more for another post at another time. :)
So, I will just jump right in to the good stuff..
~First, empty all of the contents of your purse, to separate the groups of items, and put away or throw away anything that shouldn't be there. I like to do this over a plastic grocery bag, so that I just dump all of the contents, and then remove what isn't trash. It makes it easier, and all of the usual bits that I would have to pick up later are already then taken care of.
~Then separate all of the items that go back into your purse into groups. Some ideas for groupings to get you started are:
~Wallet: money, id & credit cards, checkbook, coupons, etc.
~Personal Planner: notebook, to do list, address book, calender, etc.
~Food Items: medicines, mints, gums, candies, etc.
~Writing Utensils: pens, pencils, note pad, stamps, envelopes, etc.
~Cosmetics: make-up, lipstick, gloss, etc.
~Manicure Stuff: nail file, clippers, polish, etc.
~Hair Stuff: hair brush, comb, sprays, clips, rubber bands, pins, etc.
~First Aid: band-aids, ointment, sun block, etc.
~Now, we don't usually want to keep ALL of these things in our purse ALL the time. But, once we put in in there, our purse becomes a black hole and we forget to take it out. Then, once we have so much stuff in there we can't find what we need.
~The trick is to use little make-up bags or zippered pouches to divide and contain everything. Then, it becomes a matter of grab and go. If I need to do my nails, I know that everything I need is in one little bag. Same with make-up, or food items. Then I am not digging through my lipsticks to find my coins at the bottom of my purse.
~Another great item to have in your purse, is one of those organizers that wraps around the inside of your purse. They have all kinds of little pockets, and it keeps the center of the purse free for larger items.
~I happen to keep my magazines for later reference; but I know that most people don't. Many magazines, like fashion, current events, sports, and the like; are only meant to be read once. In that case, sometimes it is easier to go through your magazine and tear out any articles you would like to read, or recipes to try. Then, you can either keep these in a folder to read when you have time, or you can file punch holes and file them into separate binders for later reference. This cuts down on the amount of magazines that you have to store, and helps you to find and read the articles that you are interested.
~Keep a binder , a file, or a plastic pouch section in your Home Binder, for appliance warranties and instructions. You can also punch holes in large Ziplock bags, to keep these items in. Each time you get a new appliance, put away the instructions in this same spot. Then, when something breaks, or your husband asks you where those warranties or whatnot are, you will easily be able to locate them.
~When you get a new reference book, (such as a cookbook, or a gardening manual), attach an envelope or pocket to the inside of the back cover. This is for any loose notes or other related information. That way you can keep it all together with the book.
~If your wall calender does no already have one, attach a large envelope or pocket to the bottom of the last page, (usually the cardboard backing). Now, whenever you get an invitation, jot down the date on your calender and file the invite into the pocket. This makes it easy to look for the phone number or directions. This is also good for upcoming events, such as for school or sports, or even for doctors appointment cards and the like.
~Create a "Tickler File". This can be done in many ways. You can use one folder for everything, and just keep it in the order that the things need to be done in. Another way is to use 12 folders, one for each month. As things come in, put them in their prospective places. As one month ends, empty the contents, and either file what you don't need anymore; or put the leftovers into the coming month's folder. Then, put the older month's folder into the back of the stack. You can organize up to a years items in this way.
~Having more than one phone is a convenience, but can also be a frustration. Make sure that by each phone you keep a list of important numbers, a pad and a pen, and anything else you commonly need at each phone.
~If you conduct a lot of business by mail, and order or ship things, keep a separate wall calender strictly for this purpose. Each time you place or send an order, mark it onto the calender, (send date and receive date). That way, if something is late, or doesn't arrive, you will have all of the info in one spot.
~Keep a running list taped to the inside of a cabinet to record loaned and borrowed items, AND remember who you lent it to, and when.
Okay Ladies, that's it for today. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday, and a great
weekend. I know I am looking forward to it after a long, busy week! Take Care.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The First Edition Of The Domestic Goddess Files~ Tips Tricks & IdeasTo Make Life Easier

The Eternal Struggle Of The Domestic Goddess!

...Our Work Is Never Done.

Once in awhile I come across ideas for an article or post, that I am not sure where to put. I have 4 blogs; a family blog, a spirituality blog, an arts & crafts blog, and this, my retro fantasy blog. You would think with all of these areas to choose from, that I would never run into a problem finding a place for all of my ideas to fit…but from time to time, I do. This is an a post about home care and life organization, not so much retro, but I figure out of all of the blogs, this sort of information could go over here. Kind of a Domestic Goddessy Post.
When I became a Mother, I knew that life would get busy and everything would change. (It is funny because I refer to everything in my life before children as My Life B.C. It is quite fitting actually.) I have always been an artsy kind of girl, and I always loved kids, animals, and plants, and worked very well with them, but I was never really what you would refer to as domestic, and certainly not organizational! I never struggled with the childcare part of being a Mother, and I love the homemaking part of my life; but even today, I still have a hard time with the “domestic duty” portion of homemaking, and child raising.
I am the kind of Mom who would rather spend the afternoon in the park, or doing craft projects with the kids and their friends than sweeping, mopping and dusting. I am rather laizze faire about my house cleaning duties. As long as things are presentable, the kids are fed a well rounded diet and we all have clean clothing to wear, I am a happy Mom. My biggest priority is raising healthy, happy loving little humans, and creating a warm, safe environment for us all. Most of the time I hit that mark pretty well, but as with all things in life, there is always room for improvement. (Kind of a theme with me!)
[Also, just so everyone knows…these are ideas and tips that I have read, learned, heard, tried and want to share with others. But by no means do I do all of these things, all at once, all the time. No matter how much I wish that I did. I am a work in progress just like anyone else. I am by no means perfect, or even anywhere close. I wouldn’t want to give that impression. God forbid I might invite you over to my house someday and it be in a disaray, because that is just as likely to happen as it looking nice!
I just am an idea girl. And I like to share. If I can pass something along to others, and someone enjoys it and it’s useful, I am happy. I don’t think that housekeeping is anywhere close to the most important thing in the world; it is just one way of making life a little easier. If done efficiently, we may possibly have more time to do the truly important things. Like enjoying that warm, welcoming happy home! ]
We all have unwanted chores, jobs and tasks that must be completed before we can get on to the business of living life. Here are some tips and quick ideas that can help you with just that. They can keep you from backtracking and wasting valuable time that could be spent truly actualizing your goals. If you do a little each day and you will be amazed at what happens in your home. I have gathered some of my favorite, and most useful organizational homemaking sayings, tips and ideas, that have made sense, or helped me. Also, many new ones I hope to use and implement in my life.
I hope to make this a regular addition to Crafty Chick’s Retro Fantasy, called The Domestic Goddess Files. I hope you find as much use and value in these ideas as I have. As always, take and use what makes sense to you and fits with your life…and leave the rest. No two people organize their homes or their lives in the same way. What may not work for me or you, may be
exactly what makes the difference in someone else’s life.
~Work with the rhythms of your body. Try to plan high priority tasks around the way your body naturally works, whether you are a morning or a night person. Do routine work during your “low” times.
~The key is to start NOW. No matter how small the job. Do you have a letter to write? A call to make? As Nike so eloquently coined the phrase…Just do it!
~Keep a daily to do list and assign each task with a priority number, 1-4. Do all of the high priority stuff, (the 1’s) first; and get to the rest as you can.
~Provide yourself with a notebook, either loose leaf or spiral bound, and small enough to carry around with you. This notebook will become your “Master List”- a single continuous list that replaces all of the small slips of paper you may be used to. Use this notebook to keep track of all errands, things to buy, to do and any other general notes you may have, and things that require action.
~Another even better system, is to have a 4 or 5 tab divided notebook, (again, small enough to carry). In this book, you keep your 4 sets of lists. In the first section you have your to-do, to-buy, to-go, to-call, to-mail, and to-send on the computer. A calendar in the second section, an address book in the third, budget and expenditures in the fourth, and maybe a blank miscellaneous notes section in there is room. These can be bought or made. They can also be obtained on-line from various sources. That is the super supremo organized way!
~Keep your list with you at all times. A list is worse than useless if you can’t refer to it because you left it behind!
*And, because I have always strived to fit somewhere between these to ways to get the lists organized, and come close to what I wanted, but never just right…I recently switched to a whole new method, and have found that I like it much better!
~Now I use an online calendar and list system by Better Homes and Gardens. It is fairly new, and called COZI. I can enter all of my appointments, errands, etc. for my family and myself, all phone numbers, shopping and to do lists, even driving directions, and it will call me and/or leave me emails or texts to my phone if I choose. I can read it and change it from my phone. I can color code my whole family’s year, and it will automatically update items that happen more than once, when I program it that way. For years to come. This system has pretty much replaced my wall calendar, to do notebook, and much else. It even has a journal/blog where I can put photos and journal entries for special occaisions. If you are already using Microsoft Office, it will interface with that, and combine the two. It automatically updates the whole family’s calendars, so your husband or kids can enter something, and even if they forget to tell you, you will still know. You can even send messages through it to family members. Another big bonus for parents who have school age kids, is that COZI automatically uploads the school information and calander from most of the school districts, with more being added each month. You don’t have to worry about your kids forgetting to bring home the note from school about their minimum day…the calendar gets an automatic update and loads it in! Yeah! It is a truly invaluable tool. I love telling people about it.
~Beware of the tail wagging the dog syndrome where your appointment book, budget records, filing system and master list take more time to maintain than working out the problems they are supposed to solve.
~ Use separate notebooks or folders for bigger, long term individualized projects, like party or holiday planning, home repairs and decorating, or enrolling a child in college, retirement, etc.
~I keep an extra large 3 ring binder with 2 smaller paper folders inside, (on for each kid), to hold important papers and info for the kids. This is not their ‘schoolwork to keep folder‘- this is for yearly things like the school schedule, school & class info, baseball, dance and karate schedules, I keep their current report card for easy reference, recent or pending medical info. Basically it’s all that stuff for the kids, that I am not using daily and weekly. I don’t need to be carrying all that stuff in my notebook, but I still need it close at hand, and not in storage.
~Don’t be in a hurry to throw out notebook pages that have been completed. That stove part you ordered 2 months ago could be all wrong when it arrives, and you may have to call the same people all over again. (For instance, I keep all of my notes on parties that I have planned and hosted. That way I can look back to see who came, what we ate, who liked what, the number of the table and chair people, etc.)
~Set up an area for yourself to keep all of your home management items, notebooks and tools together. Even if it just a notebook, and a basket on a shelf. Use it to keep pens, paper, stamps, envelopes and everything you will need to organize yourself.
I have about a gazillion more of these quick helpful tips and ideas to share, but I think I will stop now, and leave some for future posts. I hope that you find some of this helpful for your life whether you have kids or not. I also have plenty of tips for makeup and purses, parties and holidays, travel, cooking, and a whole lot more. So be sure to check back once in awhile to see if there is something new; in addition to the usual retro awesomeness!
I also would love to hear from any of you, who may have other ideas. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative ways for making my life easier and run more smoothly. You can leave them here, or you are welcome to e-mail me at (

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

THE DOMESTIC GODDESS FILES...Even More Ways To Put It All Into Practice

~Have a ‘home’ for everything. Don’t let stuff ooze. Herd your belongings like stray sheep; back to their ‘homes’. It is actually kind of fun to see how many logical 'homes' you can find for your stuff, and if one doesn't work, and you still find yourself leaving something out, or putting it elsewhere...then find a better spot for it. This needs to be a flexible, workin system. One that makes sense and works for the people using it.
~(No matter how well we practice all of these organizational skills, I think most everyone still has a “junk” area. I think that is normal, whether it is a junk drawer, a junk closet or a spare room that gathers all of our excess stuff. Just remember, that is what doors are for! As long as the junk isn’t in the common living areas, it is not so big a deal. If you have to have miscellaneous junk…and I do…have a drawer, or closet, area, a toy box, basket or crate to hide it. That way it isn’t on the couch, or eating table, etc.!)
~Group like items together. (ie:things for a projects, activity, or things you normally use together [baking tools on one shelf, sewing items, letter writing and bill paying, ironing, etc.] This makes it much easier to find what you need, and takes less time doing it.)
~Try to store things where you normally toss them. If you toss your shoes and coat by the door, put a hook there. Keys and change on the table, or nightstand,; put a basket there. Don’t force yourself to change habits, so much as use your habits and way of living, as an inspiration for organization. Put the organizational products, where you naturally tend to use them.
~It is also true that you should always keep things in one place, so that you can find them. Have a key spot, a place for your purse, sunglasses, etc.
~My grandmother always told me (…and I wish I always did this); making a bed first thing is a good way to start the day, psychologically, and instantly makes the room look better
~List on paper 10 things that you wish to do before the end of the year.
~Make a list of 3 things that you want or need to do. Write the reasons why you are not doing it. Now change the negatives to positives. The ability to change a negative situation into a positive one is one of the keys to self-organization.
~I have found that the “Do the worst first” motto helps me get started. Once the worst is done, everything else is so much easier.
~Use the “Salami Method” to help you reach a goal. If the size of your project overwhelms you, tackle it bit by bit. You wouldn’t eat a salami whole would you? You would slice it into pieces. Do the same with your goals and projects. Slice them into pieces that are more manageable.
~No one has several hours to leisurely devote to the tasks at hand. The key is to use the 15 minute segments that you do have, to make a dent in the project. For example, file your nails, make an appointment to see the dentist, or just clean one shelf of that closet. You will double your efforts if you do small tasks, (like writing thank you cards), while engaged in some other activity, like running a bath or waiting for a casserole to heat.
~Do 5 minute pick-ups, or what we call a “Blitz” in my house. Pick up and dust or put away each item in a room for 5 minutes. Always work around the room. I go clockwise. Just go from one end of the room to the other, instead of crisscrossing all over. That way everything behind you is clean. You can see your progress much better that way. Use a timer. When the timer goes off you can choose to stop until the next work period; or you may choose to keep going.
~I have a shelf area right next to my front door. This is my “out the door shelf” Shoes and backpacks go on the bottom. There are a couple of baskets on the top for the kid’s papers, lunch tickets, videos or library books to return, etc. Jackets, hats, and gloves also go there. When it is time to go, I can easily see items that I must remember to bring with me.
~I also keep a similar basket in the car for this purpose. In it I keep my laundry cards, and detergent, etc. I keep magazines, books, and paper, pens, and stamps, and a few other things that I may need to handle stuff while I am out. I also keep my bill info in my glove box. That way if I am out running errands, and want to stop and pay a bill, I don’t have to run home for the account numbers. (I learned that one the hard way!)
~I keep extra food, sweatshirts, clothes and toys in the car for the kids; in case we stop to visit friends or family and decide to stay awhile. I don’t have to worry about cold, bored or hungry kids, and Mom can stay and enjoy herself awhile!
~Try not to put stuff down. (This actually becomes a fun challenge to see in how few ‘steps’ that you can handle stuff. Only deal with it once. ie: Don’t put it down, put it away.
~Go through the mail over a wastebasket and DUMP THE JUNKMAIL! Don’t even bother to read it. And for God’s sake, don’t keep it around to “read” later. It is called “Junk Mail” for a reason!
~If you are making coffee, don’t get it out, spoon, sugar, cup, etc. with out swooping it up and putting away. All at once. Take it out, pour, put away, stir, wash spoon; and by the time it is made, it is put away. THEN, you drink in peace. When you are done, and get up, grab the paper, the cup, etc. Don’t leave it all there.

THE DOMESTIC GODDESS FILES...The 15 Minute Organizer

So, along the way on my quest of becoming Mommy Extraordinaire and Wanna Be Domestic Goddess; I have picked up a few tips from the experts. One of these tips that have worked really well for me is to live life in smaller intervals. I picked this up when I had my first baby, and it has just kinda stuck. Especially when the children are young, a Mom finds that her time is consumed with all sorts of little childcare and housekeeping chores and duties; and there is not much time for the rest of life to be lived.
In order to keep some semblance of sanity, and find the will to get everything done…I began chopping everything up into 15 minute sections of time. I found that while I may not have hours to spend doing things that I liked, or just needed to do; that I could get a whole lot done in smaller chunks of time.
An author really inspired me around this time; and helped me to see that really ANYTHING can be done if we just break it down. This already fit with what I had been discovering on my own, and helped me to find even more ways to manage my precious time better. It really is not a new concept…I just liked how she presented it.
The author is Emilie Barnes. She and her husband have a whole empire of Time Management books and courses, that they call, More Hours In My Day. I have a couple of her books that I absolutely adore. One is called The Creative Home Organizer, and the other is The 15v Minute Organizer. I have found both to be 2 of the most indispensable books in my home management library. I often go back and reread them for inspiration, and have loaned them out many, many times over the years.
So, the premise is, that no matter how large or undesirable the job, or task to be done; that if it can be broken down into smaller chunks, it can be accomplished much easier and without all of the pain and anguish. This really hit home with a Queen Procrastinator such as myself!
Emilie calls it the Salami Method. She says that, “You wouldn’t eat a salami whole; but, if you take it slice by slice it goes down much easier.” And it works, very well.
Take a job such as cleaning out the fridge. While I may not have a whole afternoon to clean the fridge, (assuming it would even take as long as I originally anticipate). Now, if I try to wait until I have a whole afternoon to do the job, it would probably not get done for a while. However, if I use the little bits of time that I have, and break the job up shelf by shelf, I will have it done in no time.
So, if I clean one shelf in the morning, while the kids eat breakfast, then another while I am on the phone waiting for someone on hold, and another while the laundry is going…well, you get the idea! Another great way to utilize this concept it with rewards; and multi tasking. Let’s say that I have to clean out a cabinet that I am dreading. If I find myself watching a TV show in order to avoid my work, I can watch 15 minutes of TV, clean a portion during the commercial, and then watch more TV, until the next commercial/work break. That way, the job gets done, I get to watch my show, AND time that would have been wasted watching commercials has been put to good use.
How about the time we spend waiting in line? If I have all of my bills or coupons in a folder in my purse, that bit of time can be used for that purpose, instead of me having to take more time later to do the bills. Or the 10 minutes that I would be waiting for my friend to arrive for us to go somewhere. Instead of twiddling my thumbs, getting upset that she is late…I could be loading the dishwasher, (if I had one!), or putting a load of laundry in. While the kids are in the bathtub, I spend 10 minutes wiping down the bathroom. 10 minutes before my own shower, I can scrub the tub, etc. When I clean the kid’s room, I watch my show in their room, instead of on the living room couch. Before I know it, my show is over, the job is done, and the hour that I normally would have wasted killed two birds with one stone! See the beauty of the system?
It is really fabulous for those jobs that you really-just-don’t-want-to-do! Instead of dreading it, and putting it off, (which by the way, I still do quite often!), I can combine it with a desirable activity. I can check out my favorite blogs for 15 minutes and then work on something I don’t want to do for 15. I know that I only have to do that undesirable job for 15 minutes, and then I can go back to my fun activity. This really cuts down on the “Mommy Guilt” too! I don’t have to feel so bad for doing the stuff that I like, if I am also tackling the important jobs too.
Part of the fun is timing yourself to see how long activities really take, and then seeing how many 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute activities you can accomplish without effort. One example of this is mopping the floor. I used to dread mopping the floor. I hated it. But, I hated walking on a dirty floor even more. It caused me untold stress and anguish every time I thought of having to do the job, how much I hated it, how bad I felt about myself for procrastinating, and the guilt every time I looked or walked on the dirty floor! I had estimated that it took somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes to mop my floor. When I timed it, I discovered that it could be done in 12 minutes! Wow! All of that guilt and negative self talk over 12 minutes worth of work! Now that just seems silly. When I think of it now, I just think of the fact that after 12 minutes or so, I will be done, AND have a clean floor. Sweet!
So to get you started, I thought I would write down a few of the things that can be done in 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute intervals, and you can take it from there. See how many of your own chores and activities you could break up into smaller, more workable pieces. Also, time yourself to see just how many of the tasks that you thought would take a long time, actually only take a matter of minutes. Try it yourself and see if this might be something that could be of use to you. Even if you do not have children, I am sure everyone could use more time, better spent! Not to mention all of the time that it frees up to spend doing the things that really matter to us.
This theory also works at your job. I am sure there are tasks and chores that you are not keen on doing, but that could be done with less stress and more efficiency, leaving you more time for projects that really need to be done. See if this method could help make your life any easier and more productive. *And remember ~Work smarter, not harder!*

5 Minute Tasks
~Going through the mail
~cutting up veges for a later meal
~loading the dishwasher
~sorting laundry
~putting in a load of laundry
~looking up directions for something on the internet
~Filling out a form
~Handling a phone call
~Ironing an article of clothing
~Wiping down the counters (Kitchen or Bathroom)
~Making a bed
~Signing a card and putting it in the mail
~Making a list for shopping or errands
~Writing a journal entry or blog post
10 Minute Tasks
~Writing checks to pay bills
~Folding a load of laundry
~Sweeping the floor
~Keeping up with a pile of things to file
~Picking up a room, putting away odds & ends
~Washing dishes by hand
~Writing a letter to a friend or family member
~Filing or painting your finger nails
~Making a list of goals
~Cleaning off a desk or table, (sometimes less)
~Mending a piece of clothing
~Cleaning out your purse
~Making a lunch for the next day (Yourself, Kids, Husband, etc.)
15 Minute Tasks
~Cleaning a shelf, or drawer
~Mopping the floor
~Cleaning out the car
~Making a party schedule plan and to do list
~Making a trip schedule or plan, and packing list
~Going thru the closet to get rid of outgrown or unwanted items
30 Minute Tasks
~Cleaning the entire Kitchen/ Bathroom/ Bedroom, etc.
~Pulling weeds in an area of the yard or garden (or even less time depending on the area)
~Planting or transplanting some flowers
~Washing the car
~Balancing a checkbook
~Organizing photos

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Few Of The Things That I Have Been Coveting Lately...

Yes, My Friends,
I have been a very naughty girl. Well, not really. So far I have only been looking. But looking leads to buying, so they say!

These are some of the beauties that I have had my eye on.
And, if you recognize a few of these pieces from a few pots back...that is only because I love them so much!

Since I can't afford to buy all of the gorgeous clothes that a girl craves...
I am reduced to lusting after them online. Oh, well. It could be a whole lot worse!
But...if I HAD the money (to spend on myself)...these are definitely some of the classy duds that I would be cruising around town in.

It really is a good thing that I am a Crafty Chick. Of course, I cannot make ALL of the styles that I would like to; but I have been having a bit of fun, here and there.
If any of you are interested; I have a T-Shirt Make Over Project posted on my Arts & Crafts Blog, Crafty Chick Creations. If you would like to check it out, you can find it at


I am still working on re-vamping my "Broke Girl's Spring & Summer Wardrobe".
I have a few dresses that I am cutting down into shorter flair skirts, and blousey trapeze tops.

And then of, course there are the usual t-shirt re-construction projects that I love so much for their 'Immediate No Sew Gratification' that they provide!

I am also working on a few re-constructed outfits for my daughter, Makayla. I am planning a couple of jean skirts, out of her older jeans. I would also like to try out a project I found somewhere online. I think it might have been Alter-Nation, but don't quote me!
Basically, you take a large men's button down work shirt, and turn it into a little girl's dress. It is VERY CUTE!

Other than that, I don't have too much else going on in the way of fashion, this week. Now next week I could have a neat-o new project started...or finished!
Anyways, I hope that you all are having a very nice week. My children and I have been thoroughly enjoying 'our' Spring Vacation.
I say 'ours' because i get to enjoy the break from school as much as they do!
I guess I am one of those weirdo Moms, who actually like it when my kids are home. Ha!
I am always hearing others complain that they can't wait until this break or that vacation is over, so that they don't have to deal with their kids all day long...but like I said...we are having a ball. So far! Ask me again in a couple of days, and I might be singing a different tune.
And other than that...Have a great rest of your week, and a very Happy Easter!
See Ya'll Soon! ~Danae

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vintage Sex Appeal

Hello Retro Blog Buddies~

There's not too much going on with me in the way of super interesting blog i thought that I would do the next best thing, entertain you with fabulously sexy vintage pin-up art! Always a favorite pastime of mine. When I have nothing on my mind, and I need a bit of inspiration, I always turn to the masters. They don't get much better than the original pin-up artists of the 1940's and 50's.

Not only are the ladies stunning to look at, the clothes and hairstyles to die for, and

the poses divine...but the actual painting techniques are pretty amazing too. (At least

for someone like me, who actually is interested in that kind of thing!)

I really enjoy the various artists styles and nuances. The way some of them did innocent peek a boo poses, while only hinting at the naughty nature of the model; and others went for a nearly nude look, only using the clothing to cover the most necessary parts. I think that is such a big difference in the way that the pin-up art of yesterday, contrasts the 'right up in your face nudity' of today. In the process the models of today seem to have lost much of their sex appeal, (for some.)

I have always thought that their was something to be said for leaving a little to the imagination. (But of course, I am not a man, so I might have it backwards.) I'm just saying! There is something so alluring, and coy about the pin-ups of this time. Whether it is the fully clothed ones, showing just a hint of leg; or the nearly necked ones barely covered with a towel, or an opportune piece of fabric. It is something that definitely seems to get lost in the fully nude images that are plastered on everything today. Somewhere along the line...they lost their class.

We sure have come a long way from the Old Hollywood

Morality Codes, that timed how long a kiss could be, and required one foot to be on the floor during bedroom scenes.
And speaking of Hollywood bedrooms; how about the long gone days of Ricky and Lucy's separate beds! (I think I know a few wives who probably wouldn't mind reinstating that archaic tradition...much to the horror of their husbands, and the detriment of their marital bliss!)

There is much more than just the hint of nudity that makes these gals so smokin' hot. For me, it also has something to do with the way the same model or actress could go from siren to school girl and back to Lolita, in a matter of a costume change. Yet the sultriness always lay right beneath the surface.

However, even in the midst of the sexiest poses, they always carried themselves with an air of dignity and class; something that is most surely lacking in most of today's erotic photos and art.

I also have always loved the way that these artists could make the simplest things appear to be naughty. From getting a skirt caught on something while walking the dog, to collecting the mail; even the most innocent acts, became a flirting occasion. They sure had a way of making the mundane tasks of the everyday woman, or housewife appealing. (If only we looked that good in real life as we go about our day!)

Yes, it truly was a bygone era of beauty, impeccable style, and class. The days of long legged ladies in silk stockings. Gloved hands, dangling a lit cigarette as she leans seductively forward to accept a light. Well coiffed hair do's and fitted dresses. An accidental glimpse of leg or thigh, as the woman went about her daily routine.
I think that is what the actresses, models, and the artists who captured the; saw in their essence, and were able to translate with their art. This is what fascinates me, and keeps me coming back for more. The seductive mystery of what isn't said. Now that is undeniably sexy!
I hope you enjoyed this Retro flashback brought to you by Danae, the Crafty Chick

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hey Sailor!

I think that I like these retro pin-up reproductions as much as love the original ones. This was one of the winners from a pin-up contest this year. She was a runner up. But boy, she is tops in my book!
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