Friday, April 24, 2009

A Crafty Chick Update~ A New Avatar Photo

I wanted to put out quick post letting you all know that I am changing my Avatar Photo.
When started my blogs back in March, I didn't have any decent photos of myself to use. So, I used one of a favorite Retro Model of mine. But, I really didn't feel comfortable using that it is not me. {I only WISH i was that pretty!}
I have been messing around a bit, trying to get a photo that I would like to use to represent me...and for now, I think i have one. {Who knows, it could change again!}
* it is.{And it looks much better smaller!} If any of you notice it around the Blogosphere, it is still me. Danae The Crafty Chick. Just a new photo, that's all!

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