Friday, March 27, 2009

Lovely Rita...

Maybe because it's Friday, and that is the day of the love Goddesses, Venus, Aphrodite and thoughts were brought around to a different kingd of Goddess. One of the Godesses of the silver screen.
The Goddess herself, Rita Hayworth.
The very essence of Old Hollywood glamour. And look at those impeccable curls. Who can resst those eyes? Oh,to be this photogenic...
I have always loved how she could go from sexy siren to girl next door. That is a gift, to be able to chameleon into different roles. I envy that quality!
Anyways, I hope everyone has a great Friday, and a fabulous and relaxing weekend! I loved all of the blogs this week...and I am looking forward to reading more.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rockabilly Style

I am just lovin' this Rockabilly Style! It has all of the fabulous elements of yesterday's hot fashions; with the edge of today. The clothes, the hair, the music...all so classy and yet still modern and new.

I picked a few of my favorite photos and fashions to share with you. As you can see, I couldn't limit myself to just one!

How cute are these shoes? These aint yo' Mamas saddle shoes!

And I hate to say this, but I would sell one of my children for this adorable coat! But then again; you know I am kidding. (I'd sell both of them.)

If only I could get my hands on these fabulous fashions! If only I looked this good in these fashions! I just love halter tops, and this one, with this great skirt, jacket, and shoes. Yowza!

Or even with this cute little blouse number.
But then again, I am a sucker for black, red and white!

Then you have this sweet, v-cut sparrow dress, my favorite cut. So fattering on virtually any figure. And beautiful embroidery. (Or is that silkscreen? It's late. I can't tell! LOL!)

Then we come on down to this cute cat, with her hair all done up in a red snood. Adorable curl, makeup and outfit. I can't add much to that.

So that is it for this little Rockabilly Revival. I don't know about you, but I want to go shopping! Oh well, that is what a bit of blog indulgence is all about!

Have a super day everyone!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

In the Summertime...

Okay, Yeah; I'm dreaming of Summer. I know it's still too early, but these lovely warm days have me thinking of long hot days a the lagoon, late night barbeques and swimming until long after dark. I am so happy Spring is finally here...but that's only because it's getting us closer to Blessed Summer!

I thought this might be a fun time to post these gorgeous bathing beauties. (If I looked this good in a bathing suit, I wouldn't mind shopping for one!)
I don't know about you Ladies; but I am on the lookout for quick and cute hairstyles , to wear to the beach this Summer. I have done all of the scarf and bandanna hairstyles...and every pony and pigtail known to man. Or woman. So, I am all eyes and ears right now. I want to find and hear all of the latest and greatest...and oldest and greatest hairstyles that this Summer has to offer.
I'm lovin' the Blondie's hair on the upper right. But the only way that would happen in my case, is if I went out the night before! I'm not doing all of that, just to go to the beach. For me personally, so far; my best beach day hairstyle is a mixture of two. It is one of the most versatile hairstyles that I wear. I have a ton of variations...and most take me about 5 minutes to get done.
I first part my hair on the side. Then I do partial pigtails on both sides. (You know, parted horizontaly from the crown/part to the ears.) Rubber band, and braid each half pigtail.

Then I do one of two options. I can take all of the hair at this point, and gatherit into a low back ponytail. Or I can part the hair down the middle in the back, and gather the braids into these pig tails.
Then I either braid those, wrap them into little side buns, or leave them loose. Any cute little adornment can be added at this time. Even a bandana or scarf looks great.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yay! New Readers... I Salute You!

This is a great big THANK YOU! to my two very first readers to join Crafty Chick's Retro Fantasy!!!
YAY! I salute you! I hope that you enjoy everything that you find here. I will try to keep it interesting.
And on that note...I had all of these grandiose plans for the weekend. NONE of which I accomplished But then, maybe I should have added that I have a big ol' case of Artist ADD to my profile. I know you know it too!
I had plans of adding to my blogs; the only one that got any post this weekend was my Crafty's Cuppa Coffee blog. (That was on Friday night...does that count as the weekend?) Oh well.
What I did end up doing, was spend a fabulously lazy weekend, in my fluffy robe and slippers, (yeah, ALL weekend tacky!) I enjoyed an entire weekend of no kids, no chores, and no productivity. How rare is that for a Mama of 2?
Well, to be fair; the kids were with their Dad all weekend. (Yeah, unfortunately we are separated/divorced w/out the paperwork kinda thing) :( And, besides, my vehicle has a flat tire. So there wasn't much need to go anywhere. Instead I was a big, flaky, lounge lizard all weekend long. Me and the kitties. Just chillin' like villians, in front of my Cathode Ray Tube. (My computer.) I ended up playing around on the net, collecting great new photos to share with you, catching up on my favorite blogs, and adding some new ones to my list. Oh, what fun!
I did write some posts...but the are languishing in the 'Not to be posted folder', until I fix them up to my liking. Yeah, I'm one of those. I also have that bad case of Artist Perfectionism Procrastination Syndrome. (Among many, many other things!). I get these stupid visions in my head of the way I want something to turn out...and if it doesn't; it either doesn't get finished, or never sees the light of day. I'm working on it, really.
So now, this post is breaking some of my 'Informal Posting Policies', (J/K, I'm not that anal!)
My goal is to make sure that I post as many, if not more, 'Informative' posts, as I do 'Not About A Damn Thing In Particular' posts. You see, I was hoping to keep this blog from becoming my 'Cyber Journal'! No such luck. And, to be fair, I did write up a couple of 'Info' type posts yesterday; but like I said...they are hiding. :) So what I am gonna do, is take my 'Mush For Brains From Too Much Computer Time', and get off the 'Idiot Soap Box'. Get me a long, hot shower before my kidlets get home, and start getting ready for the week....right after I put a post onto Craty's Cup, that is! P.S.~(By the time this finally got posted...the kids were home, bathed and in bed. THEN, Mommy got back to the fun of 'Blog World! I just didn't want anyone to take a look at the time and say,"My, my, what is that lady doing? Her poor neglegtad children!" He,he.)
Speaking of the week. We have kind of a big one coming up. Besides the usual, (school, homework, errands & chores), we have a couple of biggies on the agenda. First of all, my Swap Bot Swaps will be going out in the mail manana...which means that I will be expecting 2, (count that Ladies, 2!) packages of goodies coming in the mail for ME! this week! YAY! I love surprises! These will be my first from my new swap site that I joined last month, Swap Bot. Can you tell that I am excited?
Tomorow afternoon, my little man, J.D., age 5 will be playing in a T-Ball Game. (Go Pirates!) Then Mommy has a massage. No, no~ not for me...I have to GIVE one. ( I only wish I could get one!) Also, later on Monday evening, my 9 y/o Makayla, (otherwise known as 'Miss Red') will be finishing up her Hip Hop Dance Class, and getting ready to go to competition. (Way to go girls!) I guess that means that I should get that flat tire fixed on my 'Mommy Mobile', so we can get moving again. There is nothing like a giant vehicle shaped paperweigt in the driveway, to make you appreciate the glories of personal transportation, eh?
Then, later in the week, J.D. will also take his last Karate class, and be taking his test to move up to the Yellow Belt Class. (My fingers are crossed for him!) Another T-Ball game at the end of the week, on Friday...and we're done! (With a whole lot of other boring stuff in between.)
I am hoping that next weekend, all goes well; because I am planning to take the kidlets, and a couple of our friends, up to the snow for a play day! We went last month, and it was AWESOME! 5 feet of fresh powder to play in. (Not bad for Southern California.) So, I really had better get to fixing that tire...and putting 3 other fresh ones on for good measure!
So, Ladies...I thank you for taking the time to join my little bloggy~blog. I am very happy to now have some readers. (I say that like it's been forever...but I only started this one less than a week ago!) I will be looking forward to seeing what all of us have to post this week.
I hope everyone had a nice weekend, and gets their week off to a good start tomorrow.
Until next time...Caio!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Beautiful Bombshell Bernie Dexter

This is Bernie Dexter; and she is by far, one of my favorite retro reproduction models of our time. I wanted to introduce you to her for two reasons.

One; is that I have her photo as my avatar. I did not want anyone to mistake me for her. I am cute...but not that cute! No, I use that photo because it represents all of the qualities that I envision in a woman. She is cute, coy and classy; all things that I hope to emulate in my daily life, and my writings.

Two, I will be posting many of her other photos in this blog, along with several other talented and beautiful models. I enjoy her style and also the fashions that she models. So, I thought it fitting to formally introduce her, before any of you mistook her for me! Just as many people post their favorite photos as their avatar; this I have done also. I feel that it makes a nice transition between each of the blogs that I write; "Crafty Chick's Retro & Vintage Fantasy", "Crafty Chick Creations", and "Crafty's Cuppa Coffee". I hope that you all enjoy seeing her photos, and reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing and producing them.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Springtime Has Arrived...finally!

Spring is finally here!
Well, at least for those of us in Southern California. (But then again we don't get much of a real Winter
So sorry for you guys in the rest of the country, I know many of you are still covered in snow. I guess you will have to live vicariously through me for now.
Spring always makes me want to put on a pretty dress and walk barefoot through the grass. This Spring has me thinking of new wardrobe options.
Seeing as how there is not much extra money in the coffers right now; I am turning my thoughts to crafty ways to stretch and upcycle the wardrobe I already have.
Recently I was bitten by the Clothing Reconstruction Bug, and it has me looking at everything in a whole new way. Now, instead of getting rid of clothes that I haven't worn in awhile, or don't fit anymore; I am now thinking of other uses for these them besides the thrift shop.
I have a whole bunch of t-shirts that I wasn't wearing, for one reason or another, (too big, too small, not cut the way I like, etc.) A few weeks ago, I got out my fabric shears, and went to town. I recut the necklines and the sleeves into more appealing designs. I made scoop necks, v-necks, even made a one shoulder cut. For the sleves, I trimmed some a bit, others I sliced up the top seam, and made flapping shoulder sleeves, and some I used the extra strips to tie onto the shoulders. My favorites are the ones where I opened up the back with slits, and tied strips to them to searate the slits.
My next project entails me cutting down my old hippie skirts to make some flowy blouses with v-necks and some with spagehtti straps. I also have some skirts in mind. I want to try my hand at the recycled jean skirts, and also make some cotton flare skirts, for all those nice Summer days. If succeed, then I will be duplicating them in a smaller size for my daughter, Makayla. I used to make sundresses,; and I may have to start again...because a girl needs a few new dresses to enjoy the warm weather.
Untill then, I will just have to keep fantsizing about about these gorgeous creations that I find on the web. I love the cute and classy look of them. Even the prices are right, (just not for broke little old me!) Now maybe I could make friends with a talented seamtress an barter...Hmm***One of these days!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hello there... I am Danae,
the girl behind Crafty Chick Creations.
Welcome to my new blog,
Crafty Chick’s Retro Fantasy.
This is where you will find all of my favorite retro clothing,
hairstyles, art, photography,
home decor and design inspiration.
I have always had a passion for all things vintage.
Sometimes I think I was born at the wrong time.
Don’t get me wrong, I love all of our modern conveniences;
but my heart yearns for a time long ago,
when ladies had class, and men wore fedoras.
I long for the days of black and white, accented by Technicolor.
A time when father knew best and mama cooked dinner.
I love seeing women with gloves and a hat,
and wearing colorful brooches and baubles.
These are the things that fill my imagination,
(when it’s not occupied with any number of other things!)
I enjoy real letters, handwritten and sealed with a wax stamp.
Crisp white tea towels,
embroidered lovingly by hand at night by a mother or grandmother.
Each of these hold a special place in my heart.
There are so many things that I see around me,
that I can not afford, or acquire; but here, that doesn’t matter.
Here, I can talk about them, enjoy them, and share them with others.
I can explore the uniqueness and splendor of all of these, and more.
This, excites me beyond measure!
But more than this,
I enjoy seeing the evolution of these elegant styles
as they are translated by the people of our generation.
Those of us who are not satisfied with today’s popular culture.
Those of us for whom fashion falls just a bit flat.
We are the one’s who take the best of today,
while mixing it with the best of yesterday;
and create the styles & trends of tomorrow.
We are not copycats,
we are an eclectic and creative blend of innovators!
I hope to bring all these things and more to this blog;
and I hope you join me for the ride!
I am Crafty Chick,
welcome to my Retro Fantasy!
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