Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Latest Crafty Chick Creation ~ Such Sweet Bliss

I've been at it again!
Here is my latest digital collage.
I call this one ~
Such Sweet Bliss is a Fond Rememberance.
I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Latest Crafty Chick Creation ~ Butterfly Wings For Baby Dana

Here is my lastest peice of digital collage art.
I call it ~
"Butterfly Wings For Baby Dana"
It is created from a baby picture of my Mom,
and various peices of vintage & new baby ephemera.
I'm still pretty new at creating these digitally;
but I am really enjoying it,
and starting to like my finished peices.
It's really just about my love affair
with vintage images, colors & motifs!
But shhhh *
we have to keep that a secret
from the artist in me!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet Vintage Baby Card Images For You

I have been busy crafting lately, and I thought I would share some of these sweet vintage baby card images that I have collected for use in my art. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

I think this last one is especially adorable. Who can resist a baby on a stork?
Okay Friends... back to crafting for me! I will be sure to post some of the finished creations. Have yourself a lovely day. ~Danae

Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Matters ~ 2 Awesome Kids & One Very Proud Mama!

I honestly cannot believe that I have let nearly a month slip by without blogging this! The activities of our Summer have taken us by such a storm- that I was not even thinking about the events of the last week of school.

So here it is... Proud Mama Nae's Brag Time!

Both of my Babies earned Honor Roll this year!!! Yay Kids!
And -as if that wasn't awesome enough- they both earned 2 awards apeice; an Academic Acheivement Award (Math for Makayla; and Language for J.D.) as well as the Principal's Honor Roll!
I knew that they were doing well, but I had no idea how well. Makayla raised her grades from 7 -4's (A's) -on her last Report Card- to 14 -4's (A's). Jeremiah earned himeself 10 -4's (A's). WOW! I am such a proud Mama!

Thanks for taking the time to stop in and share in our great news.

~Danae :) aka 'Crafty'

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ruby Reminiscing... Ruby Red Inspiration from ETSY

Cherry Aid ~ Embellished Sequin Heels by CharoletteIona
These are a few of my latest favorite finds on ETSY. I can never get enough red in my life!
Vintage Royal Ruby Ball Pitcher by Look Back Vintage

Ruffled Romance Cuffs by EfiaFair

Cherry Tree Necklace by Pole Star
Ruby Slippers Cupcake Toppers from The Blissful Baker
Ruby Red Couture Shoe Clips by Sofisticata

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oldies But Goodies...

Hot Damn!

Summer's here!
School's almost out!

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Black, White & Pink Bedroom Makeover ~ Crafty Chick Style

Hello Friends~

Welcome to my newly cleaned & redecorated bedroom! I am very excited to share my progress with you all. You see- I am a bit of a clutter bug; and I have had definite housekeeping issues in the past. My problem is not one of leaving 'trash' & 'junk' laying around... it is one of having too much stuff.

I know that this has become a very common problem for many of us in our 'have it now', disposable society. I even heard a really cool term for it- 'Affluenza'. And unfortunately 'affluenza' doesn't only strike the rich, or the folks who are 'trying to keep up with the Jones'.

No- 'affluenza' can affect any of us- even those of us who may not have alot of money. Over the years I have made, bought, been gifted and collected waaaay, way too much stuff; and the problem is, that while I love almost all of it- I just don't have the room for it all. Between the normal household 'things', my children's 'things', and my many interests and hobbies- I have accumulated enough 'stuff' to fill my small house to the gills.

Also, a big part of my 'clutter problem', is that as a very visual person, I constantly feel the need to keep my stuff 'out' so that I can see it- otherwise, I forget it is there- and I do not use it. (Think books, art supplies, make up, jewelry, cooking stuff, kids toys, clothing & accesories, etc.)

This isn't merely a problem of too much stuff for such a small house- No!- I have a feeling that I could fill ANY size house, if given enough time.

And it is not only a matter of buying more organizational equipment. Trust me- as I cleaned my house; I cleared plenty of drawers, cabinets, closets, boxes and cubbys- if I owned it- I filled it!

To make it worse- I have an obbsesion with collecting cool jars, boxes, tins and such; in which to store all of my 'stuff'! And while my things were fairly well grouped together, and most had 'homes'... I began to feel that I, myself was not very 'together', and that I was running out of 'home'. I began to realize that my outer clutter only was a manifestation of my 'inner' clutter. This is definitely not healthy for me; and is not the legacy I want to leave to my kids.

Somewhere between getting married, having a baby, moving houses, (having another baby), a failing marriage and subsequent separation, the depression that often goes along with such life events, raising school age children- and everything else that goes on...I had lost my will to fight against the beast of disorganization.

I told myself that playing with the children was more important than sorting out our ever growing accumulation of 'stuff'. I used all the excuses- house too small, no money for nicer things, a single Mom with young children, a long family history of clutter bugs and hoarders, etc., etc...

I chalked it up to being an eclectic, artistic type person. Pretty soon it was easier to ignore the mess; than it was to attempt to fix up a house full of junky hand me down furniture, and outdated belongings.

So- earlier this Spring- I set about a giant house purging & a mission to create the home that I had envisioned for myself and my children. (Not that I haven't done this before- I have, plenty of times.) But I never really had gathered enough steam to overhaul my entire home- as well as my attitude about my home.

In these last few months, I have made some amazing progress- both inside my home, and out- as well as within my own head. I still have plenty more work to do; and a ton of 'fixing up' and home decor projects that I still want to tackle.

But so far, I have:

~Cleared, organized and reclaimed my Bedroom from the storage room with a bed that it had become- and created a room that I enjoy being in, as well as one that reflects my personality & interests.

~Cleaned & made presentable my Living Room; which is a work in progress, as I still would like to paint, and aquire new couches. But...it is now decent, and inviting; and best of all, unexpected visitors can show up without striking dread & terror in my psyche.

~Cleaned, organized & started the redecorating process in my daughter's room. It is now a place that she can play, study & rest in- and a room that she is proud to bring her friends into.

~Gave up my bedroom, so that my son could FINALLY have his own room. ...and created an awesome space for my Little Guy!

~Cleared, cleaned, organized & reclaimed my Art Studio. This is a major feat in itself! And last, but certainly not least...

~I whipped my front & back yards, gardens, & my back patio back into shape. In fact- I daresay that they are in better shape than they have ever been in the past! (Ditto for the inside of my home!)

I still have a long way to go. I have made a great start- but in truth, I have merely scratched the surface. I know that I need to keep up the work; and that the 'stuff' never stops rolling in. I need to be vigilant about keeping on top of things. And to remember that my desire for a comfortorable, inviting home is stronger than my need for 'things'.

I'd still like to paint, and of course finish hanging my pictures, art, and shelves.... but now that I am on a roll- these goals seem more attainable than before. I hope to share with you my continued progress.

(And while I know my little house is very humble, and I don't have a lot of 'nice things'... I have always had a way of making it nice with what I do have. I hope that you can see beyond the fact that I don't have beautiful furnishings & whatnot- and still see the steps that I have made.)

So... without further ado...

Welcome to my newly cleaned & redecorated Bedroom!Here is the veiw when you come into the room. My bed and new sheet set I bought for my birthday back in December. One bonus about being single is that I can finally surround myself with all of my 'girly' type things without having to worry about if my husband likes it or not!)
On my headboard sits some of my little altered tin boxes & drawer sets that I have created; along with photos of me and my children.
Eventually, I plan to paint a wall mural. Either the black silloette of a cherry blossom tree with a bird in it; or a black swirly type faux wrought iron bed frame. Or, I may do both- the bed frame on this wall, and the tree on the opposite wall. We'll see. For now I have my initials on the wall above my bed.To the right of my bed is my cool shelf/mirror thing. (And yes- it actually belongs hanging on the wall above a big bed; but I scored it for free, and have hopes of painting it black & white, and possibly decopauging some neat paper onto the back panel.)In the meantime, its shelves have been home to many neat displays of my collections, as well as a great bedroom altar. I usually change it each month- or season, depending on my mood. Currently it is housing my candles, family photos and my art. The 3 peices in the middle of the top shelf are one of my Witchy Art Dolls, my 'Queen of the Craft' Collage, and a black & white Birdhouse I made. The second row holds my Altered Journal, an Altered Heart Box & to the right is a Flower Canvas- all made by me.
I forgot to set them out when I took this photo- but I have added several of my nicest peices of clear & rose quartz crystals to the display. It looks especially nice at night, when the room is lit by tons of candles.
On the top of my dresser sits my little black velvet dressmaker dummy, flowers, photos and a couple of tins to put my odds & ends. And also a wire square that I repurposed into a jewelry holder. I use these all over the house. They are great little 'bulletin boards' to hang doodads from, I use them in the kids room for all those little things they bring home & love- but that I don't wan't cluttering up their shelves. In my Art Studio, to hang my supplies, and as inspiration boards to clip my idea photos & swatches to. In the bathroom for jewelry and hair accesories. As well as in the kitchen, as a wall rack to hang utensils from. (They can even be suspended from the ceiling and used to hang pots from.) These little things are great- and the price was right too- f.r.e.e.!
And lastly is my other wall,
where I have a floor mirror, a T.V., and my daughter's little pink guitar, that I 'confiscated' as a room decoration- but of course I told her that any time she wants to use it she can! LOL I just thought it looked so cute in my black, white & pink bedroom, that I had to use it.

Well Guys, I hope that you enoyed this little peek into my home. I really wish I had taken some before pictures, just so you could see how dramatic the change is... but I never, ever would have thought of taking pictures of my bedroom before- so you will just have to take my word for it....
I will be taking some more photos of the rest of my rooms to share with you all in future posts. And if you would like to see my progress in the gardens- I have a post on Crafty's Cuppa Coffee that shares my Spring 2010 Garden.
In the meantime...
I have another drawer to clean out! Lol.
Have a great day! and Thanks for stopping by!
~Danae, aka 'Crafty'

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Smokin' Hot Summer Tops

Now which one? Which one? I'll take THIS ONE...
Oh! and THIS ONE!...
...and THIS ONE too!...
Might as well get 'em all. These awesome Retro Reproduction Summer tops come from Pin Up Girl Clothing. Where else?!
Check 'em out...
Holly Tie Halter Top -This amazing new halter from Pinup Couture features a long attached contrast sash that can be tied either in front or in the back. The fabric is a super comfortable and stretchy cotton blend, lined in the bust, with an adjustable halter tie and elastic band at the back for great fit. Long enough to wear out or tucked in.
The Laura Top from Pinup Couture is made of a super comfy stretch jersey with gathers at the shoulders and cute little heart buttons. Long enough to tuck into your favorite skirt or jeans, or wear out.
The "Little Darlings" Stretch Poplin Polka Dot Top in Red - Adorable slim fitting stretch poplin blouse with short ruffled sleeves in polka dot print.
Now that I am thoroughly pining away for these beauties.... I guess I'd better get workin' in order to afford them! Lol.
Have yourself a great day!
~Danae aka 'Crafty'

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Icing On The Cake - Retro Hair Accessories

As women, we know that our hair is our crown... and never is that more true than when dressing in Retro or Rockabilly Fashions.
During WWII, when rations on fabric, and budget restrictions often prevented women from indulging in new clothing; they turned to their best (and free-est) asset- their hair! Hair styles became the focus of the 'Everyday Womans' Fashion; inspired by the glamour girls of Old Hollywood. Woman curled, primped, and stacked their tresses into elaborate styles.
In order to compensate for the exagerated Hair Do's up top- the lines of clothing began to change as well. This is when we saw the emergence of the super large shouder and 'Bullet Bra's'; set off by a tiny waist, and full hips. The 'Sweater Girl' look, made famous by Lana Turner became popular; as did the 'Woman's Suit', a la Joan Crawford- which echoed the mass entrance of women in the workplace.
Nothing sets off this best feature better than a mane of healthy locks and beautfully curled tresses. But, as with anything... a little icing on the cake never hurts! This is where fabulous hair accesories come into play.
Today's Retro Fabulous Women have many choices of 'hair jewelery' to glam up their Retro & Rockabilly Hairstyles. The most famous, of course, are hair flowers. Roses, Camellias and Orchids, of all colors, sizes and materials are found on today's retro savvy women. But these are just the tip of the iceberg. Hair Fascinators, Hats, Feathers, Bows, Jewels and Headbands can all be used to glam up your retro look. And I just love how today's designers have put their own spin on these hair fashions, by creating them with modern materials and in alternative styles.
You can find them in a varitety of colors, with lace, glitter, fur, fun combinations of prints, and adorable embellishments.
Check out a few of these Retro, Rockabilly and Psychobilly Hair Accesories that come to us from the LA based company- PinUp Girl Clothing. You can find them on their website, or for us 'crafty gals'- use them as inspiration to create our own. (Although, I have to admit that the ones at PinUp Girl Clothing are very reasonably priced! And they are handmade here in East LA by PinUp Couture.) And don't stop there! There are also a ton of wonderful, unique Retro Hair Accessories to be found on ETSY- all handmade by the many talented ETSY crafters & artisians.
Happy browsing...

- Small Juliet Hat with Feathers and Veil in Red (top photo) and White - This gorgeous vintage-style hat features feather accents and the perfect amount of netting to create a gorgeous veil. How perfect would this white version be for a Bridal Luncheon? Of course, you would HAVE to be the Bride... because in this little number- all eyes will definitely be on YOU!
- Red Rose Hair Flower - Pinup "Senorita" Rose Hair Flower with Rhinestone and Chiffon Petals by Pinup Couture Hair
-Yellow Sparkle Tiger Lily Hair Flower by Lila-Jo -Stunning glitter-encrusted large lily hair flower makes a beautiful statement with any retro look.-Burgundy and White Orchid Hair Clip from Pinup Couture hair -This fantastic silk hair orchid is sure to become a fast favorite, try two or more in complimentary colors for an absolutely gorgeous, unique look.
And to finish off with a bit of Psychobilly Fashion...
-Shocking Pink Satin Ribbon Bow with Skully Center By Kustom Voodoo -This little number features a big satin ribbon bow, with a skully detail at center.
Enjoy your day!
~Danae aka 'Crafty'

Friday, May 14, 2010

All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

I just love me a sexy summer dress. There is nothing that makes me feel prettier than swishing out the door in a classy, little number, a pair of heels, my sunglasses on, and a great handbag to top it all off.
I just had to share with you all, some of the latest dresses that I am drooling over. This particular batch of fashions are from Pin Up Girl Clothing. You can find them here.


-Retro Rockabilly Diner Dress in Olive Green from Heartbreaker -This classic diner dress looks sharp in a military olive green. From Heartbreaker Fashions.
-Jolene Dress in Red and Black Floral Pattern from Heartbreaker Fashion

-Gingham Swing Dress - The Daisy Dress in Black Gingham Poplin with Red Trim by Pinup Couture -The "Cutiepie" Dress in Black Sateen with Black and White Polka Dot Trim from Dixiefried -The Netti Dress in Red Asian Floral Poplin by Pinup Couture -Vintage Reproduction Dresses - The Dorothy Dress in Navy and Red by Pinup Couture -New Style Black Cherry Heidi Dress by Pinup Couture


Now, if onlyI had somewhere to go....

Someplace better than the market, the kid's school, or the park, I mean. The hazards of being a work at home Artist/Mom, I guess! Oh well.
I also wanted to say a big Thank You! to all of you who have been so patient & kind untill I got back to blogging again! Thank You for your kind words and prayrs for my family.
I had no idea that my little blogs would be missed. (I even won 2 blog awards on my other blog- Crafty's Cuppa Coffee- during my 2nd month of hiatus! Go figure.) As for me, I missed keeping up with all of my favorite blogs, as much as I missed writing my own. I hope to work back up to full speed (inhe Cyber World) again soon... and still find a way to keep my balance (in the Real World) lol :) .

I hope that you all have a great day!
~Danae aka 'Crafty'

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We All Need A Little Lucy In Our Day!

I have had these sitting around for a post one day...and I had forotten about it! So, I figured today was as good a day as any. And NO- It's not her birthday...or her deathdate...nor is it her anniversary or any other 'special' day
-I just think that ANY DAY IS A GOOD DAY FOR A LITTLE LUCY! :)
Here are the standard Lucy stats:
Lucille Ball
Birthdate: August 6, 1911
Birth Place: Jamestown, N.Y.
Death: April 26, 1989; Los Angeles, California;
burst aorta
Key TV Programs:
I Love Lucy, Lucy Ricardo, 180 episodes, 1951-1957, co-starring Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, and William Frawley
The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show, Lucy Ricardo, 13 episodes, 1957-1960, co-starring Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, and William Frawley

The Lucy Show, Lucy Carmichael, 156 episodes, 1962-1968, co-starring Vivian Vance, and Gale Gordon

Here’s Lucy, Lucy Carter, 144 episodes, 1968-1974, co-starring Gale Gordon, Lucie Arnaz, and Desi Arnaz, Jr.

Life with Lucy, Lucy Barker, 13 episodes, five unaired, 1986, co-starring Gale Gordon

Have a great day! :)

~Danae~ aka 'Crafty'

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