Monday, October 12, 2009

Vintage Halloween Images For You

Hello Everyone! I have some lovely Vintage Hallween Post Card Images to share with you all today. I LOVE Halloween- and I LOVE Vintage Art- so I spend a good deal of ime throughout the year hunting down coyright free images to use on my Blogs, and in my arts & crafts. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have.
These images are early twentieth century, prior to 1920. (The top and bottom images were circa 1910 I think.)
At that time Halloween was primarily an adult holiday, and decorations and party favors were made for their use, and subsequent disposal. (Whereas Christmas decorations of the day were intende to be saved and reused throughout the years.)
It wasn't untill after WWII, and the Baby Boom after the war, that Halloween became a children's holiday. Over time, Halloween decor became increasingly cuter, and less spooky. Many times you can discern the age of a peice by the clothing style and expressions on the characters faces. Because of the disposable nature of the older products, to find them these days, and in good condition, is a valuable find.
Unfortunately for me, I haven't been able to start my 'real life' Vintage Halloween collection; so I satisfy my Vintage Halloween jones wth newer vintage inspired peices, my own art, and my online Vintage Photo addiction!
Hey... at least it keeps the costs down! LOL.
If any of you all are interested in seeing how I decorated my tiny little Living Room- I did a post this weekend over at my other blog, Crafty's Cup. You can find it here.

And be sure to go back and check the other late September & early October posts for all kinds of Hallween inspiration. There are Arts & Crafts, Home Decor projects and idea, recipes and plenty of other Halloween goodies! You will find them all at Crafty's Cuppa Coffee. (Please excuse all of the 'Giveaway' posts lately- there have been a ton of awesome contests & of course you get extra entries if you blog & tweet about them.)

Have a fabulous day!

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