Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some 'Don't Miss' Halloween Blog Fun!

Today is a DO NOT MISS DAY on Blogger! There are some AMAZING Blog Parties/Hops & Giveaways going on today all over the Blogosphere!
* must stop in to Mrs. B's for your daily dose of October fun. Here is a rundown of the goodies:
~a set of porcelain clay Runes from
Marie Segal
~a batch of handmade Saffron Insence from
~Wintra the Witch of Warren Hall Wall Hanging from
Michele with A Single L Designs
~a Halloween Neckalace from
Shadow of The Goddess Designs
~an amazing Bag Of Goodies from Salem, given by Jaz of October Farm
Then, be sure to read the Guest Blog Post, and Mrs. B's Halloween Craft Post. Then hurry on over to today's
Haunted Blog Hop Stop!
But...the fun is not over! No! It has just begun! Don your purtiest pair of stiped stockings, and your pointiest pair of Witchy shoes...Hop on your broomstick and fly on over to Miss Vannessa's Blog- A Fanciful Twist- for her 2009 Halloween Blog Party! It is an event you surely will not want to miss!
There you will find the fete of your wildest imagination (trust me...I was there!)- and afterwards you will find the links to an ever growing assortment of fantastic places to hop on to! With Tricks, and Treats & Giveaways galore! It will take you all weekend and maybe next week to cover the all! (This is why I suggest going to Mrs. B's 1st! Otherwise you may not make it back before the 'whenever-we-get-home' prize drawing deadline! LOL)
Then...if you are not 'all-blogged-out' can stop by Domestic Witch's October Blog Party for more fun links.
And don't forget the fun on Smeared & Smudged this month as well.
There are many, many more wonderful bloggy fun places to visit...but as I am already late for my own fun...I must be off! Have a Spooktacular Day today! Bwa ha ha ha haaa!
~Danae <(:o) aka 'Crafty'

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