Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An Awesome Anti-Hate Video To Share With You...

Hello Again! I wanted to share this with you all. It isn't Vintage or Retro related at all...but it is a fabulously important message that I think we all could benifit from. If you like it, I urge you to share t with the folks that you know. This origionally came from a post on rs. B's blog, "Cofessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom". (Excellent blog, by the way!) It is shared here with her permission. It is also up on my "Crafty's Cuppa Coffee" blog.

***DISCLAIMER***This video contains the F-Bomb, so if any of you cannot handle colorful language, have kids in the room, or are a kid yourself; then this message is not fo you! Otherwise...ENJOY!

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