Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jelly Roll Hairsyle

Hey Folks! This is a post that I published last year (2009)- but judging from how many of you keep flocking to this page/post- I figured that I would republish it here- that way it is easier to find, and next to other relavent material. Enjoy!
This is a great versatile hairstyle as it can be worn for both casual and dressy occaisions. It can be parted in the middle or the side; and can be worn long and loose in the back, in a bun, twist, braids or a loose ponytail.
Jelly Rolls are best created with what used to be called a “Middy” cut. Basically that is a haircut with the front sections that are 3-4 inches in length. A true “Middy” has a back section of about 4-5 inches; but this hairstyle can easily be worn with longer hair, as long as the hair is short enough in the front.
It is best to start with 'day old dity' hair- as this provides the right amount of natural hair oils that help the hairs grip to each other. If you must star with clean hair- make sure that you add some mouse or setting lotion before you pin curl it, or blow dry, and curl it with hot rollers or a curling iron.
It is possible to create Jelly Rolls with straight hair, but I find that pre-curling it gives it a nice amount of body and makes the finished look easier to acheive. Be sure to try it both ways- and get LOTS OF PRACTICE before attempting this look for a big event. *(Word to the wise!)
A Hair Rat is a tubular roll that is used in place of back combing or “ratting” the hair. They can be made, or purchased. They can also be any desired size. I use this method because I do not like to rat my own hair, and for the firmness that it provides to the hair styles.
I make mine in the same manner my Grandmother used in the 1940’s and 50’s. When I cut my hair, I collect the clean hair into a Ziploc baggie. When I am in need of fresh hair rats, (every week or two), I take the desired amount of hair and roll it in my hands until it forms a roll shape.
Then one can either use it as is, or wrap a hair net, or a piece of clean nylon pantyhose (the same color as your hair) around it.
Using these keep the hair in place better, and I don’t need as much hairspray. (In fact, I have even gotten away without using any spray, times when I was all out!)
Paddle Hairbrush & Rat Tail Comb
Hairspray & Shine Serum
Several Bobby Pins & Rubber Bands
Hair net (Snood), Hair Flowers or Clips
Hair Rats (if desired)
1) Start by parting the hair in the middle or on the side.
2) Then part the hair horizontally, from the back of the part, down to the ears.
3) Clip each section to keep it out of the way.
4) Take the first section, comb it out, and spray it lightly with hairspray and shine serum.
5) Holding the section of hair straight up and a little back, begin rolling the
Hair around your first two fingers, or a hair rat. Rolling all of the way down to the top of your head, creating the rolls the desired size.
6) Use the bobby pins to pin the rolls to the hair at the scalp. Make sure to catch the scalp hair in the pins, otherwise the rolls will not be secure. I like to criss cross my pins for added strength.
7) Lightly spray each finished roll.
8) Repeat procedure for each side.
9) Finish the back in the desired manner.
10) Add a hair flower, clip, or snood.
If any of you readers attempt this style- I would love to see pictures! You can send them to me here.
Thanks! Danae, aka 'Crafty'


  1. I love the big colorful hair flowers. Do you know where to get those? Great blog!

  2. Is that you in the picture?? How did I not know about hair rats?


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