Monday, March 9, 2009


Hello there... I am Danae,
the girl behind Crafty Chick Creations.
Welcome to my new blog,
Crafty Chick’s Retro Fantasy.
This is where you will find all of my favorite retro clothing,
hairstyles, art, photography,
home decor and design inspiration.
I have always had a passion for all things vintage.
Sometimes I think I was born at the wrong time.
Don’t get me wrong, I love all of our modern conveniences;
but my heart yearns for a time long ago,
when ladies had class, and men wore fedoras.
I long for the days of black and white, accented by Technicolor.
A time when father knew best and mama cooked dinner.
I love seeing women with gloves and a hat,
and wearing colorful brooches and baubles.
These are the things that fill my imagination,
(when it’s not occupied with any number of other things!)
I enjoy real letters, handwritten and sealed with a wax stamp.
Crisp white tea towels,
embroidered lovingly by hand at night by a mother or grandmother.
Each of these hold a special place in my heart.
There are so many things that I see around me,
that I can not afford, or acquire; but here, that doesn’t matter.
Here, I can talk about them, enjoy them, and share them with others.
I can explore the uniqueness and splendor of all of these, and more.
This, excites me beyond measure!
But more than this,
I enjoy seeing the evolution of these elegant styles
as they are translated by the people of our generation.
Those of us who are not satisfied with today’s popular culture.
Those of us for whom fashion falls just a bit flat.
We are the one’s who take the best of today,
while mixing it with the best of yesterday;
and create the styles & trends of tomorrow.
We are not copycats,
we are an eclectic and creative blend of innovators!
I hope to bring all these things and more to this blog;
and I hope you join me for the ride!
I am Crafty Chick,
welcome to my Retro Fantasy!


  1. Me too. Me too. I enjoy the style very much.

  2. hello danae,

    just stopping by at your blog and I must say..a wonderful site you have created. love it !
    have a fine day:-)


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