Sunday, March 22, 2009

In the Summertime...

Okay, Yeah; I'm dreaming of Summer. I know it's still too early, but these lovely warm days have me thinking of long hot days a the lagoon, late night barbeques and swimming until long after dark. I am so happy Spring is finally here...but that's only because it's getting us closer to Blessed Summer!

I thought this might be a fun time to post these gorgeous bathing beauties. (If I looked this good in a bathing suit, I wouldn't mind shopping for one!)
I don't know about you Ladies; but I am on the lookout for quick and cute hairstyles , to wear to the beach this Summer. I have done all of the scarf and bandanna hairstyles...and every pony and pigtail known to man. Or woman. So, I am all eyes and ears right now. I want to find and hear all of the latest and greatest...and oldest and greatest hairstyles that this Summer has to offer.
I'm lovin' the Blondie's hair on the upper right. But the only way that would happen in my case, is if I went out the night before! I'm not doing all of that, just to go to the beach. For me personally, so far; my best beach day hairstyle is a mixture of two. It is one of the most versatile hairstyles that I wear. I have a ton of variations...and most take me about 5 minutes to get done.
I first part my hair on the side. Then I do partial pigtails on both sides. (You know, parted horizontaly from the crown/part to the ears.) Rubber band, and braid each half pigtail.

Then I do one of two options. I can take all of the hair at this point, and gatherit into a low back ponytail. Or I can part the hair down the middle in the back, and gather the braids into these pig tails.
Then I either braid those, wrap them into little side buns, or leave them loose. Any cute little adornment can be added at this time. Even a bandana or scarf looks great.

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