Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Beautiful Bombshell Bernie Dexter

This is Bernie Dexter; and she is by far, one of my favorite retro reproduction models of our time. I wanted to introduce you to her for two reasons.

One; is that I have her photo as my avatar. I did not want anyone to mistake me for her. I am cute...but not that cute! No, I use that photo because it represents all of the qualities that I envision in a woman. She is cute, coy and classy; all things that I hope to emulate in my daily life, and my writings.

Two, I will be posting many of her other photos in this blog, along with several other talented and beautiful models. I enjoy her style and also the fashions that she models. So, I thought it fitting to formally introduce her, before any of you mistook her for me! Just as many people post their favorite photos as their avatar; this I have done also. I feel that it makes a nice transition between each of the blogs that I write; "Crafty Chick's Retro & Vintage Fantasy", "Crafty Chick Creations", and "Crafty's Cuppa Coffee". I hope that you all enjoy seeing her photos, and reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing and producing them.

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