Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vintage Sex Appeal

Hello Retro Blog Buddies~

There's not too much going on with me in the way of super interesting blog i thought that I would do the next best thing, entertain you with fabulously sexy vintage pin-up art! Always a favorite pastime of mine. When I have nothing on my mind, and I need a bit of inspiration, I always turn to the masters. They don't get much better than the original pin-up artists of the 1940's and 50's.

Not only are the ladies stunning to look at, the clothes and hairstyles to die for, and

the poses divine...but the actual painting techniques are pretty amazing too. (At least

for someone like me, who actually is interested in that kind of thing!)

I really enjoy the various artists styles and nuances. The way some of them did innocent peek a boo poses, while only hinting at the naughty nature of the model; and others went for a nearly nude look, only using the clothing to cover the most necessary parts. I think that is such a big difference in the way that the pin-up art of yesterday, contrasts the 'right up in your face nudity' of today. In the process the models of today seem to have lost much of their sex appeal, (for some.)

I have always thought that their was something to be said for leaving a little to the imagination. (But of course, I am not a man, so I might have it backwards.) I'm just saying! There is something so alluring, and coy about the pin-ups of this time. Whether it is the fully clothed ones, showing just a hint of leg; or the nearly necked ones barely covered with a towel, or an opportune piece of fabric. It is something that definitely seems to get lost in the fully nude images that are plastered on everything today. Somewhere along the line...they lost their class.

We sure have come a long way from the Old Hollywood

Morality Codes, that timed how long a kiss could be, and required one foot to be on the floor during bedroom scenes.
And speaking of Hollywood bedrooms; how about the long gone days of Ricky and Lucy's separate beds! (I think I know a few wives who probably wouldn't mind reinstating that archaic tradition...much to the horror of their husbands, and the detriment of their marital bliss!)

There is much more than just the hint of nudity that makes these gals so smokin' hot. For me, it also has something to do with the way the same model or actress could go from siren to school girl and back to Lolita, in a matter of a costume change. Yet the sultriness always lay right beneath the surface.

However, even in the midst of the sexiest poses, they always carried themselves with an air of dignity and class; something that is most surely lacking in most of today's erotic photos and art.

I also have always loved the way that these artists could make the simplest things appear to be naughty. From getting a skirt caught on something while walking the dog, to collecting the mail; even the most innocent acts, became a flirting occasion. They sure had a way of making the mundane tasks of the everyday woman, or housewife appealing. (If only we looked that good in real life as we go about our day!)

Yes, it truly was a bygone era of beauty, impeccable style, and class. The days of long legged ladies in silk stockings. Gloved hands, dangling a lit cigarette as she leans seductively forward to accept a light. Well coiffed hair do's and fitted dresses. An accidental glimpse of leg or thigh, as the woman went about her daily routine.
I think that is what the actresses, models, and the artists who captured the; saw in their essence, and were able to translate with their art. This is what fascinates me, and keeps me coming back for more. The seductive mystery of what isn't said. Now that is undeniably sexy!
I hope you enjoyed this Retro flashback brought to you by Danae, the Crafty Chick

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